Items are handmade and made to order and will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of your order being placed. We use USPS 1-3 day priority shipping and sustainable packaging.   


Impact and accountability 

Have you ever dissected your leather bag or laptop case? Probably not, but chances are, you would find that it’s filled with plastic, sponges, glue, and synthetic fabric liners. The fashion industry has perfected almost everything except for one key component - simplicity. 

By using sturdier leathers, I am able to avoid most of the fillers and materials hiding inside of your bag. By leaving the edges raw and exposing my seams, I am in essence, baring my all for you. You see exactly what you get. There are instances where I like to line bags or use techniques to make a bag more sturdy and in those cases, I try my very hardest to use either recycled or environmentally friendly materials. 

As a small business, I do not have the buying power with leather tanneries that larger fashion houses do. I recognize that while leather is a sustainable and biodegradable  material, the tanning process is not always as eco-friendly. While the leather industry as a whole is striving to make changes, I do my part by using almost exclusively vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is NOT vegan leather. It is a high quality leather that is tanned using vegetable oils rather than synthetic materials. It is better for the planet, as well as safer for the workers handling it. If I do use other leathers, I enjoy using odd-lot leathers. Odd-lot leather is leather that may have small imperfections on the hide and has been rejected by larger fashion houses. By using these hides, I am giving life to a hide that would otherwise be discarded and can honor the animal. Also, any scraps that I cannot use go to a local jewelry maker friend in my town, she displays her earrings on them. 


Return Policy 

Returns will be accepted for refund if items are returned in original condition with tags still attached. Items must be sent back within 7 days of delivery. If item is returned in un-original condition, a refund may not be issued.  Contact us at elidiathelabel@gmail.com to set up return shipping. Return shipping will be at customer's expense.


Damaged Items and Repairs 

All items are made from organic material and there may be slight markings and differentiations between each piece. These markings are considered a unique part of our products and should never interfere with the integrity of the item. Should am item arrive to you damaged or breaks prematurely due to fault of the manufacturer, please send a repair request including pictures to elidiathelabel@gmail.com. We will ask you to return the damaged item so that we can either replace or repair. 

Items that have been damaged by customer wear and tear may be repaired for a fee. Please send in pictures to elidiathelabel@gmail.com for a repair assessment and estimate.